• Fransiska Fransiska
  • Jafer Nepsy Onphing
  • Wiliodorus
Keywords: Substitution, mango peel, jelly candy, organoleptic


Mango peel is a component that is in direct contact with the flesh of the mango fruit so that there is still vitamin C content in it and also other chemical content. Mango peel waste reaches 10% of the total mango fruit. Mango peel contains components in the form of pectin which is one of the ingredients used in making jelly candy. Jelly candy is a candy made from water or fruit juice and gelling agents, which has a clear transparent appearance and has a texture with a certain elasticity. Food consumption with high sugar content is avoided because it contributes high calories to the body which can cause negative health effects, such as obesity, diabetes and dental caries. Isomalt has a lower solubility than sucrose where the temperature required to dissolve isomalt is higher so that the binding of isomalt water is lower.  This experiment aims to determine the effect of variation in the proportion of isomalt in mango peel candy on its sensory or organoleptic characteristics. Research design used is a single-factor Completely Randomized Design (CRD), using three levels with three replications.  The design in the study as follows treatment (t) = 3 levels, namely A0 (100% sucrose and 0% isomalt), A1 (85% sucrose and 15% isomalt) and A2 (75% sucrose and 25% isomalt). Based on the analysis of variants, substitution of isomalt to mango skin jelly candy has a significant effect on color, and texture but has no significant effect on aroma and taste. According to the hedonic test results, panelists liked the sample with a 25% isomalt proportion ratio, namely in the like category (5.95). Its characteristics are moderately brownish orange in color, slightly mango flavored, moderately mango flavored and chewy in texture. The result of hedonic test of isomalt substitution treatment to sucrose showed that all treatments were acceptable to the panelists. pH test results showed that the higher the isomalt substituted, the lower the pH of mango skin jelly candy. Mango skin jelly candy has the potential to be developed and continued for research on its nutritional content.