• Fariska Wulandari
Keywords: students’ perception, game, vocabulary learning


This research was aimed to find out the students’ perception of game in vocabulary learning. This is a descriptive research that was conducted in Polytechnic of Tonggak Equator in August-October 2020. Ten students of the third semester students of English for Business and Professional Communication are the subjects of this research. Based on the interview, the students’ perception about game are positive. It can be a media to make situation in class become fun, can be an ice-breaking in class, reduce stress and can be a mood booster.  Game is a media that can be used to play and learn and it increase creativity, it makes mind relax and happy. Game is good and can be done by many people. All of the informants said that they like learning vocabulary by using game because it is more fun and it makes the brain fresh to get new vocabularies, it is fun and can be remembered, it makes the students easier to understand, more exciting, drill people in solving problem, it less stress so the informant can understand the learning material easily and because it happier and the learning situation become not monotonous. Game motivated all informants in learning vocabulary. Then, game is useful tool to be applied in vocabulary classes. Learning vocabulary by using game is effective. Game makes learning vocabulary become more interesting and enjoyable, reduce anxiety, increase positive feeling, self-confidence and number of vocabulary. It creates challenging atmosphere in the classroom.